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These are the important steps for moving an incapacitated cow. It is easy to put the animal on the sled following the steps described below. The sled you see in the pictures and the video is used by the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vétérinaire de St-Hyacinthe. This sled has been adapted to their needs. It is smaller than the one sold to farmers. No matter the size of the sled, the technique for the farm animal transportation remains the same. The sled for the farm is a little wider in order to properly protect the cow on each side, when moving near door frames or other obstacles. The high-sided sled also protects the animal when you have to lift it with the lifting straps.


This technique was validated by animal health technicians, while respecting the welfare of the animals.





  • Install a halter on the cow.


  • Install the hind strap to the back legs.

  • Put the cow on her stomach.

  • Install a rope around the back legs and the front legs. These ropes will help you tip the cow before positioning the sled under the animal.

  • Place the cow on the sled.

  • Place the cow on her stomach, turn and attach the head to the hind strap of the back legs.

  • If you need to lift the animal to put it in a trailer, use the 4 liftings straps specifically designed for this task. On the sled, there are 4 handles provided to put these straps (see provided spaces).

  • Optional with the sled, you can purchase belts that prevent the cow from standing up and possibly slipping. The belts raise the sides against the cow to secure it.






  • VERY IMPORTANT, when the cow is inside the trailer, remove the sled from under her. Place the cow on her stomach and, for added protection, you can put straw bales between the cow and the wall of the trailer to prevent it from moving.



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